Showdown in O-town

Monday, March 9, 2009

This weekend my cheerleaders competed in the Spirit Cheer Showdown in O-town Nationals. Most of my 20 girls have NEVER competed, in fact, I think only three have. We have been working since the end of basketball season (in October) trying to get together a competition team and a solid routine.

This competition was a lot bigger than I expected. Total, there were 122 teams there and the performances lasted from 9am to 9:30 pm. There were thousands of spectators!

My kids worked hard and did an AMAZING job! They finished second in their division (Small Jr. High) only being 1/5th of a point behind the first place team.

As much as I hate competition, I am so incredibly proud of these girls and proud to say that I am their coach.

Here are two pictures from the day...

The 3 returning 8th graders

All the girls with their trophy!