Lolli & Pop Pop's Visit

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This past weekend my mom and dad (Lolli and Pop Pop) came for a visit. Buggy was SO excited to see them!

We mostly spent the weekend hanging around the house and letting them enjoy Ansleigh and all her quirky little things she does.

And of course, Lolli and Pop came bearing gifts! :) Pop built Ansleigh an incredible toy chest, a toddler table and chair, and a step stool that all match. Plus, they brought Bugs her first ball, bat, and tee. She also got a vacuum cleaner (which is amazing b/c she's been trying to use mine) and....

a pair of pink converse chuck taylor's!

She really loves her ball and bat--she's carried it around with her at all times since she got it and she loves her new tennis shoes. She carries them around too.

She spent lots of time loving on Pop and Lolli.

The only bad thing about the whole weekend was that Ansleigh spent most of the weekend with a fever ranging anywhere from 100.7 to 103.8. She woke up at 3 am Friday night/Saturday morning SCREAMING. Poor thing. The fever was the only symtom she had. Sunday she spent a lot of time sleeping and really didn't get her fever back.

We'd planned on going to the Zoo with Lolli and Pop but since Bugs was not feeling so well, we decided to save that for another weekend.

While they were here, Dad helped me start my own garden :) See my personal blog for info on that.

Here are some pictures of our awesome weekend: