Pearls and Wisdom

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Let me explain...

Pearls, as in pearly whites! That's right! This week (Thursday to be exact) Ansleigh got her first tooth!!!!
We have been trying and trying and trying to get a good picture of her little white tooth but we really haven't had any success. This was the best we got and really, you can't even see it.

Today, I was trying to look at it again, just because I'm a proud mommy, when low-and-behold, I spotted another one!

That's right, Buggy has TWO TEETH!!!!

She's not a fan of letting you look at them either, by the way.

On to the wisdom--
Ansleigh finally learned how to clap. I know it isn't such a big deal, but to me it is, and it is the best story! Tuesday night we were at Anthony's softball game and he got a really good hit (or maybe he made a really good play) and I was clapping for him and I looked at her and she started doing it too! She started clapping for Daddy!
Now she claps all the time. The other night she clapped for Anthony when his songs ended on Rock Band and today, she was clapping at the football when all the other people (on the tv) clapped.