Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last week I had strep throat and an ear infection.

This week I've had a cold and an ear infection.

Needless to say, I haven't really been up to doing much that really requires much energy, thus, this blog will be a hodgepodge of all the things that have happened in the past two weeks and believe me, it was a lot!

1. Welcome Baby Jackson!!!!
Jackson Patrick Newby was born late Wednesday night (Oct. 22) which means he made it into our club...the 22nd club. We have a new member! Ansleigh and I both love him already! We went to visit him Thursday afternoon (I wasn't contagious!).

2. Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Jackson (and Claire!) and to Ron and Kristen for being good present deliverers! Ansleigh loves her new sock monkey.

3. War Eagle from Ansleigh--even though we lost last week, and again today. Bummer.

4. Complete and totally random cuteness. Ansleigh watches a few different cartoons during the day. The other day I looked up and she was laying like this, with her feet all propped up, just chillin' enjoying her "sturies..." as my great-grandmother would say.

5. Ansleigh has become obsessed with rubber duckies, and not just in the tub. She likes to keep them out and play with them. She loves them!

6. Tuesday night Ansleigh and I went to Anthony's softball game. It was in the 40's (I know!!! I almost didn't believe it either) so we got all bundled up and went to the ball field. Ansleigh had a blast but was kind of unsure of all the layers. She had on fleece pants, a turtleneck, and a sweater. Before it was over with, she had on her fleece hat too! I even got to pull out my northface jacket and wear a scarf and gloves! All we needed was some hot chocolate!

7. A cute picture from before church Sunday. As you can tell, Ansleigh was super-pleased that I drug her outside for a photo-op. Oh well, Lolli needs to see her in these cute outfits!


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