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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Okay, not really. But while I have the time, I wanted to update everyone on a few things:

  • Ansleigh is the fastest crawler I have ever seen.
  • She can stand by herself (without holding on) for up to 12 seconds!
  • Remember how nosy she used to be? Multiply that by 1 million and that is what she is now
  • She gets into EVERYthing EVERY second of the day. Oh those long gone days of boredom!
  • She has definite opinions these days, especially about her food. If she doesn't like something, she will spit it out. If she REALLY doesn't like it, she will throw it in the floor. How frustrating!
  • She is momma's girl! Every time she is whining or wants out of her bed or is looking for me I hear "Mama.....mama.....mama...."
  • She often crawls over to the love seat and stands up and grins at me and then goes back to her toys.
  • Kid is soooooo smart! She knows the places I frequent the most so when she is looking for me, she just tries to find me. She checks the loveseat, then the kitchen, then the bathroom, then our bedroom. What a mess!
  • Her favorite color is orange. You may be thinking, "How can a 10-month-old have a favorite color?" I wondered the same thing but it is true. She has play money of different colors. She ALWAYS picks up the orange money first. She usually won't even pick up the money if the orange ones aren't there. She uses shoes as toys. I leave them near her play area so when we are dressing her they are right there. She always goes and picks up her orange shoes. Her stacking rings, always takes them off to get to the orange. So cute!
  • She is wearing size 12 month pants (for the most part) b/c she is so long. The waist does not fit her at all. When she wears jeans, I take ribbon and make a belt so they cinch up some. Her waist is tiny! Enjoy it while it lasts little one!
  • She is so active all the time! Even in her sleep! She burns so many calories that I could feed her the fatteningest foods all day and she'd still be petite.
  • I finally broke down and gave her cheerios (I was scared she'd choke) and she loves them! She also loves the yogurt bites and the whole grain veggie crackers. She is just like her momma--she will eat bread until you make her stop. Same way with pasta.
  • Just in the past week or so she has learned to wave bye-bye. She won't say bye but she will wave at you if you wave at her.
She is getting so big on us! It is like it just started happening all of a sudden and I hate it! She is losing all her baby-ish-ness so quickly.

Other news, my ears have been bothering me for a while so I finally broke down and went to the doctor. Turns out I have an ear infection and strep throat. Nice. I was given antibiotics and pain medicine. I am no longer contagious, but still not feeling so hot. My throat doesn't bother me that much but my ears really hurt. Both of them. There is no infection in the left one, I guess it is just sympathy pains.

Baby Jackson will be here shortly so stay updated to meet the Newby's little one! We can't wait to meet you Jackson!


Lacey said...

I'm sorry you don't feel good. I need to see that sweet Ansleigh again! It sounds like she has changed so much! We love you guys and miss you!