Dreaming of a White Christmas....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ok, no, we aren't stupid. I know it isn't going to snow in Florida in December when it will be in like...the 80's.


Right after Christmas to be exact. We are scrimping and saving and seriously, about to explode with excitement!

For years, Anthony's family has always gone on a ski trip around Christmas every year. We didn't go last year because we *thought* I would be pregnant, little did we know I would have a newborn. We didn't go the year before because Rachel was preggo with Anna Cate. For those of you that struggle with basic addition and subtraction and just numbers in general, that means the last time we went skiing was three years ago. Boo.

Anthony and I were still newlyweds. I was still a semester away (student teaching) from graduating.

We bought fancy new ski clothes that year...Northface to be exact.

Let's just be honest and say that neither one of us are the same size we were three years ago. Needless to say, there was some concern as to if our ski clothes would even still fit. Finally, we bit the bullet and dug them out Sunday night. Anthony's stuff fits amazingly! He still has room to grow...lol. My coat fits. My gloves fit. My pants....button. Breathing? That's another story. Ugh. Mommy is now on not so much a diet, but more of a "stop eating crap and start doing something other than taking naps everyday" type thing.

Moving on.

Yall know how excited I get about baby clothes! What could be more fun that baby ski suits??? Pretty much nothing right now. I have been searching ebay trying and trying to find Ansleigh a cute little snowsuit. There are a few problems with this:

  1. I have turned into a clothes snob. All the "cheap" snowsuits (which still ARE NOT cheap mind you) are not cute enough for my buggy.
  2. My kid is significantly on the skinny side. She'd probably be better off with a 9-12 months getup if they came in that size. Except for that they don't. They come in 6-12 months which is what she wears RIGHT NOW. What about 4 months from now????
  3. Problem #2 leads me to buying her a size 12-18 months. Will it lean on the 12 month side or the 18 month side? If I get 18 months, she *might* be able to wear it again NEXT year (you know, when she's two!), but if I get an 18 months, there is NO way she will even be able to move in one.
  4. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW MUCH THESE STUPID THINGS COST????? I am not paying $90 for her to have an outfit to wear two or three times. Period. Point blank. The end.
Last night, I solved our problem!!!!!!

Just picture it, Anthony sitting on the sofa, me sitting on the loveseat, Ansleigh asleep in her crib, me with the laptop frantically winning an auction with 1 minute left! Sounds like a Disney movie, right? Ok maybe not so much, but it was exciting!

This is what we walked away with:
A size 12 month (not to be confused with 12-18 months), Columbia purple snow suit.

Winning bid: $10. 50 LIKE NEW CONDITION!

HIGH-FIVE, please?

So now I am left finding her some snow boots, which will be a challenge since they don't make them in an infant size two...or even a three. Boo. Wish me luck! Also, anyone know where to find WARM baby socks?

Another thing getting us excited?

Turner and Anna Cate just got their snowsuits in the mail!!! Look how cute they are!
Don't you love how AC looks like a pink puff ball??? Also, note that T's snowsuit is orange and blue. War Eagle, Turner! We probably have the cutest niece and nephew on planet earth. Seriously.


Rachel said...

YAY!! Cute, cute! So friggin' excited!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH :)

Josh and Kristin said...

Hey Carrie and Anthony, It's Kristin White Sims from the Auburn BCM. I found your blog from Jessalee Langford! We go to church together in Athens! How are you? It's good to see your faces! I miss you guys! Your daughter is beautiful! Let's keep in touch! See our website at thesimsfamilywebsite.blogspot.com.
War Eagle! Have fun on your ski trip!