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Sunday, September 28, 2008

So I've been a tad bit of a slacker lately and haven't updated this thing even though there have been several things to post. What can I say? I suck at life. No, actually, believe it or not, I've been busy. Plus, it was National Stay-at-Home week meaning ALL our tv shows were back on. I'm not missing that to blog...sorry.

Anyway....on with the show.

The first picture is Ansleigh ready for another Central game (which we won both of, by the way). Of course she was sporting her blue & red although I must say, she is running out of blue and red things to wear as Daddy doesn't really allow much red in our house...haha. P.S. NO, I did not leave that big ol bow in her hair. I just wanted to see how ridiculous it would look (it came with the outfit). The second picture is of the REAL bow she wore. Also, notice how incredibly prissy she is. I LOVE IT!

Last weekend we had all (well most) of our peeps over to the house for dinner (Casey Ramey's AMAZING soup) and to watch the Auburn vs. LSU game. We ended up having a TON of people at our house, plus the Riley kids, Faith, and buggy-boo. Ansleigh and boyfriend Logan had a blast crawling all over each other. Her outfit for the day was a little big (size 18 months) but she just needed to wear it. Ok. I needed her to wear it because it is one of my favs.

Picture 2 (below)--don't you love how focused my child was on the game. Go Auburn! :o)
Picture 3: Nothing special about this one except how lovingly Carrie is looking at Ansleigh. Carrie, Dave, and Faith are some of our favorites. I vote they become honorary aunt, uncle, cousin. Anyone second my motion?
Picture 4: Logan (Wiggy), Ansleigh, and Uncle Redbeard (Ron)Picture 5: OMG I am loving this b/c I'm pretty sure they are holding hands under the shaker. Hahahaha.

For church Sunday, I thought I'd get everyone in the spirit of Fall (even though we don't really have one of those here in central Cuba). Ansleigh had on her little candy corn dress and pumkin tights. Everyone that saw her freaked out. She's too cute. The second picture is of her blowing raspberries (I figured out that is what the "spitting" is called) at us. Haha.

Also, this week the bug was introduced to some new foods!!! REAL (and by real I mean boxed Kraft) macaroni & cheese, yogurt, deli turkey, cheese, real green beans, whole grain cheese crackers, and some orange pumkin sugar cookies. Oops. Winn, don't tell Hiep I fed her cookies!
She LOVED the mac & cheese and couldn't get enough of it. She also got to have pancakes again--she hasn't had any since our 4th of July beach trip--and ate almost an entire pancake. Not a baby sized one. A grown-up sized one. I was impressed.

For my birthday my AMAZING husband bought me a new love seat I've been lusting over and two new end tables. I've been meaning to take pictures and post them but I haven't yet. Sorry. I'll do it soon, Rachel. I promise. :o)

Well that's all for now!

War Eagle from the Fridays!


Rachel said...

I think the BIG bow looked adorable and I love her candy corn outfit! :)