Pensacola Beach Vacation 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

So we've officially been back from our beach vacation for 3 days now and I still haven't posted anything about it...mostly because I was finishing a good book :o)

I'm trying my best to limit pictures (we have literally over 1000!!!! thanks to the paparazzi/my sister). :O) We love you though, christina!!! I am going to try to get the best ones (not posted here, specifically the family beach pics) uploaded to Picassa and post a link on here. As always, you can visit my facebook page or my myspace page ( for pictures.

Basic Recap of Vacation:

Friday--VBS until noon and then a kagillion hours in the car to Chad & Rachel's house where we ate with them + Tommy & Dyan (Anthony's parents) and then basically went to bed.

Saturday--went and ate breakfast at the Village Inn where we saw sweet Denise, Shay, & precious Mary Selwyn! My family (Jon & Christina included) met us there and we at with was yummy!
Afterwards we took a few pictures outside and then headed back to Chad & Rachel's where it was a day of naps and Wii. :o) Late afternoon we went and checked in to the AMAZING Condo, ate dinner on the boardwalk, and then hung out at the condo while the rest of the Fair clan did the Wal-Mart trip (Ansleigh was SOOO not up for it!)
Sunday--mostly storms and a little bit of beach/pool time

Monday--Dad, Christina, Jon, & Anthony went deep sea fishing. Mom, Ansleigh, & I went "shopping" at the island stores and then we all hit the pool

Tuesday--All day beach day!!! It was beautiful and wonderful! I did, however, get completely sunburned basically all over (Yes, I know Rachel, that the key is to "reapply") :o) Ansleigh spent a little time on the beach but mostly hung out and napped with Pop in the condo.

Wednesday--All day beach & pool...I know, it's the life, right? This was also the day that super sweet Claire & her mommy, Miss Margaret came to meet Ansleigh AND the same day that we took some AMAZING beach portraits!

**Little tip...if you are trying to take pictures of a baby on the beach that can't sit, do what we did: bury the bumbo in the sand and cover it up with her dress :o) We're cheaters, I know.

Thursday--Friday Family Fun! Chad, Rachel, Turner, Anna Cate, Tommy, & Dyan all joined us at the beach for a day of fun in the sun! We just love them so much! Anna Cate was so funny! She just wanted to fill up sand buckets with water and then dump it out. :o) Precious Girl! Turner wanted to prove he was a big kid and hang out with Uncle Inky (Anthony) and his Daddy. They threw the frisbee (or Disc if you are anthony). After the kids took their naps, we all headed to the pool for some afternoon splashing around. Then we all showered (yes ALL OF US) and then headed to Flounders for dinner...YUM!

Friday--Happy 4th of July!!! We were beach bums once again, although this time we had the added pleasure of spending some time with Becky too (One of Rachel's best friends from High School). Ansleigh spend almost the entire day on the beach with me, napping under the tent in her travel swing. She dug her toes into the sand and her fists and almost got a mouth full of sand...YUCK! She's still not such a fan of the ocean water but kid LOVES the pool! Sweet baby had a different swimmy for every day we were there! Thanks, Lolli!!! Later that day we hung out in the pool, the grilled out and watched the fireworks. Ansleigh got scared of the fireworks and clung to me like a little frog. Once she had momma though, she was fine.

Saturday--we packed up all our stuff from the Condo and Mom, Dad, Jon, & Christina headed back to good old Alabama. Anthony and I went and spent the rest of the day with Chad, Rachel, Turner, Anna Cate, Tommy, & Dyan. I am officially addicted to Wii. Don't be surprised if we last even a month without buying one. I want one in a real bad way, and of course, Anthony does too. :o) After a slight episode with some rank chicken (barf) and then some yummy chicken, Tommy and Dyan headed back to Troy. Right about that time, the power went out. Needless to say, we spent most of the remainder of the evening on their back porch with a flashlight. I will say that if I were going to be stuck with somebody and there wasn't going to be power, it would definitely be them. Turner exposed Anthony and I to a new game (at least new to us) called the "No" game. Basically, you can't say the word "No" or you are out. Everyone has to play and you keep playing until someone wins, even if it lasts for days, which it didn't, might I add. :o) Fun times!

Other random things to note:

  • Ansleigh ate some pancake, strawberries, watermelon, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE (POP!!!), and who knows what else when I wasn't looking. She was a big fan of the pancake and the cookie...not so much the watermelon.
  • Ansleigh has started saying "Ma" !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I realize babies make sounds without realizing it but she says it when she's looking at me or for me! This makes my heart leap for joy! There is nothing better than looking at the cute little smiling face when she is reaching up saying, "Ma."
  • Ansleigh got a walker from Lolli & Pop and seems to be a big fan! She also got the Leap Frog Drum from Lolli & Pop and really likes it because she likes to slap things, including
  • She is SO much better at sitting up these days! In fact, today she sat in the floor for quite some time before she fell over. :o) Yay!
  • Kid definitely knew she was away from home and that her pack-n-play was NOT her bed. She woke up 3-4 times a night (she's been sleeping through the night since she was 9 weeks old!) and because there were other people in our condo AND right next door, we couldn't do the whole "cry yourself back to sleep" thing which we are such a big fan of.
We enjoyed our vacation as we always do but we were so happy to be back home! Especially Ansleigh! When I laid her down in her crib, she stretched out real big and rolled to each side and went straight to sleep and slept until 9:30!!!! She's been nothing but big smiles all week! And, she's figured out how to scratch her head....random, I know. She's been doing it all day the past two days and today, she started playing with her hair (what little she has).

Hope everyone had as wonderful a week and a 4th as we did!!!

Love you all!!!