Our Little Cheerleader

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ansleigh was sitting on the couch (as she often does) and I got up to get something off the counter. When I turned back around, my kid was sitting on the couch, watching Tigger & Pooh, doing a heel-stretch. She sat that way for about 30 minutes!!! She is so funny and definitely bound to be a cheerleader!
Other things of interest, we gave Ansleigh one of those "biter biscuts" the other night and she cracked us up!!! She slobbered and chewed on that thing and made such a huge mess! She loved it!
Also, we are working on crawling. We still have a long way to go but we'll get there. She still is a little wobbly when she sits, but now that she's figured out she can stand if Mommy helps her balance, she'd rather do that.
Also, Ansleigh will hold her own bottle now. The only thing about that is that she has to be laying down and being the Princess that she is, seems to want her meals in bed...haha. While this may be a mistake later, right now, we are loving it! The other night, she fell asleep with her bottle in her mouth! How sweet!P.S. That is an Auburn bottle....War Eagle (39-ish days to go!!!)