CMS Lock-In/Spend-the-Night Party

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This past Friday night was the CMS Cheer Slumber Party. We were going to have it at a neighborhood hall but Savannah's mom was so kind as to volunteer her home instead so we had it there!

When I arrived at 6:30 pm, I was greeted by a sidewalk full of messages, including these:
After all the girls arrived, everyone was talking about the "Disney" house down the street. I, of course, didn't have a clue what they were talking about so we all walked down the street to show me. There is actually a house here that is called the "Disney" house. It looks like a doll house and sits on around 20 acres of land. They have a big lake in the back yard with a water slide from a water park...wowza. The gate to the drive way is Mickey's face and there are even disney topiaries all over the yard. We didn't go in the house (that would be weird walking into a stranger's home) but I was told that each room is done in a Disney theme and they have all kinds of Disney memoribilia in the home. Crazy!
When we returned to Savannah's house, several of the girls jumped into the pool to cool off. While in the pool, the girls took it upon themselves to practice their stunts :o) The girls who didn't swim jumped on the trampoline and displayed some pretty amazing tumbling skills and some super-awesome jumps.
After a few hours of this, all the girls came inside and dried off. We ordered pizzas and while we were waiting, the girls went out in the street and did their camp dance for the two moms who were chaperoning the event. Shortly afterwards, the pizzas arrived and the girls pigged in! Several of the girls, including JoJo (below) thought it would be a good idea to dip their pizza in the chocolate fountain. Again, wowza.
After pizza, the girls settled down (for a while) and watched Bring It On (the first one) and worked on making their flip flops for camp. After this, the girls watched the fourth Bring It On (yes, there are four!). Then it was on to a little silliness, followed by an intense game of hide-and-seek (at 1 in the morning).

I know you can't tell, but the four of us are sitting on little bitty Taylor H. Poor thing!

Satisfied that the girls had made enough noise to wake the entire neighborhood, we sat them all down with their sleeping bags for Bring It On 3. Finally, at 3 am, I went home to be with my hubby and my sweet baby girl.

The girls were picked up at 11 am on Saturday. We had so much fun but I was definitely reminded that I'm not as young as I used to be. :o) These girls and this job have been such a blessing to me!

Stay tuned for updates from UCA cheer camp @ Daytona Beach (August 2-5). That should be exciting...taking 13 middle school girls to camp. :o)