Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dear Daddy,

Mommy tells me that today is your 27th birthday! That is a big number. I don’t know a lot about birthdays yet but I want you to have the best birthday ever now that I can share them with you.

You are the best daddy! You play with me and hold me in the air. You change my diapers and help mommy feed me. I love you so much! That’s why I save all my smiles for you so that when you come home, I can give them all to you.

I really love getting to spend time with you when it is just us and mommy is gone to cheerleading. We have so much fun! You blow on my tummy and make monkey sounds. That’s what good daddies do. I just know it.

Mommy loves you a lot too. She always tells me how awesome you are when you are at work. She says you go work hard for us so that me and mommy can stay home and play all day. That’s pretty nice of you. Mommy says she wants you to have the best birthday ever too.

I can’t wait to see you when you get home today so I can give you my biggest smile! I’m practicing right now so I can do it good for you.

Have the happiest birthday ever!

I love you, Daddy!


Denise said...

That Ansleigh is so sweet. What a sweet birthday letter to daddy!

Rachel said...

Love it!!!

Hugs said...

Send those emails to me! maleriehuguley@yahoo.com

Tell Anthony Happy B'day from us!