Help!?! I need some ideas...

Monday, July 28, 2008

I need some help planning Ansleigh's first birthday party!

[moment for you to laugh and make fun of me]

Yes, it isn't until December, but those of you who know me well know that I do EVERYthing way ahead of time. Plus, her birthday is right before Christmas and life will be so crazy then!

I'm having trouble finding invitations that I like (that don't cost $90 for 30). I am going to do some evites (you can customize your own!!!) but I want to send out some tangible invitations I'll need one for her scrapbook, duh. Anyone know where I can find some super cute invites????

I'm having trouble with a theme.I've been considering either princess or pink ladybug. I like both a lot.I've also thought about JoJo's Circus or Tigger & Pooh since those are her favorite shows but I'm just very unsure about that. Maybe even monkeys? Any other ideas?

I know I'll do very basic decorations and very basic plates and stuff like that. I want Ansleigh's little cake to be super cute (no worries, Lolli will take care of this) but I would like some cake ideas. I'm considering cup cakes for everyone else. Ideas? Opinions?

I'm thinking of doing her party at a park (maybe Westbrooke) and just taking her high chair there. Anyone ever done an outdoor first birthday party? It seems easier to have it somewhere where there is a playground. Also, our house isn't exactly conducive to having lots of people (and children) over.

I want her party to be fun and exciting but not ridiculously overboard.

I know I need to do it after her morning nap time (if she's still doing morning naps then)so she'll be a happy camper. Any other suggestions?

Another thing that is a SUPER big deal to me is that her birthday be completely separate from Christmas. I don't want it to be Christmas-y at all. This will be more important as she gets older but I don't want to start slacking at such an early

Help me, please!!!! Any and all comments, emails, ideas, websites, and advice are welcome!!!


Hugs said...

They are GREAT and fairly inexpensive. I just used them for my sister's wedding programs. If that website doesn't work let me know, I may not have it 100% correct off the top of my head. Hope that helps.

Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

Hi, I have a girl that is going to make Addelynn and Alexander's invites for me. I met her when I was looking for baby shower invites. I will be more than happy to share her with you :) Please email me if you are interested. The twins bday is the 19th of December, so I know how you feel!
Good luck!

Beau and Kellie said...

Don't worry about doing anything to early my husband makes fun of me for the same thing,I started Ethans party 4 months in advance;-).I used and for a lot of my party ideas.

w said...

i *try* to do everything waaay in advance, too. :)

do a tutu theme. you know, where all the guests come in a tutu. moms included. dads not.