If at first you don't succeed...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Try, try again!

Feeding Ansleigh with a spoon has been challenging to say the least. We definitely know she's ready because she's sitting up in her bumbo pretty well and does a great job with her head. She is also not being fulfilled with just formula and is showing interest in our food. One thing she isn't showing interest in....rice cereal.

Here are some of the attempts:

We read in Babywise II to let baby play with the spoons so she gets used to them. Now this is an example of how we adapt Babywise to fit us....it says to let them play with spoons in the tub. I made the decision to let her play with the spoons always until she gets used to them. The great news is that it is working! She has started putting them in her mouth already! Here is her in her swing with her spoon in her mouth:


slivengo said...

Hey Carrie!
Ansleigh is getting so big! Emily hated that stuff as well! I could never seem to get the consistency right either. The first few times they eat though, I think it's normal (a reflex) to spit it all back out. You could try adding the littlest bit of juice to it. Truth be told - it is really gross - no wonder they don't like it :)

The St. John Family said...

I can not believe she is growing up so fast! I miss you guys! A friend here said to tell you if you miss up the rice cereal with some type of water downed baby juice she will lap it up! Her baby has a hard time with weight and thats what her nutritionist advised her to do!