A few firsts....

Monday, April 21, 2008

This weekend held a few more of Ansleigh's "firsts"....

Her first time in her new "Johnny Jump-Up"

Her first trip to church
Her first veggies...the sweet potatoes won!

Her first time to really hold her bottle by herself!
She was unsure of the sweet potatoes at first but did a pretty good job. She ate 1/2 a jar of them which is 1 serving. Now she'll start having cereal in the mornings (like always), and veggies for lunch and dinner along with her bottle. This week is sweet potatoes. Next week we'll do squash (another "yellow" food), followed by carrots. Then, we will move on to the greens...sweet peas and green beans! This is all so strange and new and exciting....and a little messy. :o)

We bought her the "Johnny Jump-Up" this weekend because she still isn't quite tall enough for her exersaucer (what a stupid name!) but she wants to stand all the time. We found this one at the local consignment shop still brand new in the box and only $3 more than the nasty used one! We also got her a new stroller there this weekend (also brand new). It is MUCH smaller and lots lighter. She loves the jumper...she likes twisting in it! She's such a nosy little bird that it is perfect for her to see everything that is going on.

Today, I'm happy to report, was our first time to church here. We never made it when I was pregnant because I was too sick. Once I had her, that problem was solved, but then she fussed ALL THE TIME and we were so afraid of leaving her in the nursery. She finally got over that but then we were out of town for 3 weeks! Anyway, we finally made it to church and we LOVED it! It was amazing. The service was wonderful, the praise music was amazing, and Sunday school was great! We really felt at home, which is a wonderful thing. The best thing was that Ansleigh was SO good (so we're told) in child care and even took a nap. She didn't let them feed her though....

speaking of...she's started only letting me feed her. Not Anthony. Not anyone. Only Mommy. That is not going to fly in this house but it is causing some stress and tense times. I love that she loves her mommy so much but I'm not going to raise my child to only want me all of the time. It is frustrating for Anthony, I'm sure, because it seems like she's playing favorites. :o( Any suggestions on how to correct this problem?

As "dear diary" as this sounds, many of you know that I have been struggling with feeling like this is my home (Florida) and have really missed being in the South. Anthony, on the other hand, doesn't struggle with this as much as I do because he is so happy with his job. This weekend was a big improvement for me! I definitely feel like God wants us to be here. It is just going to take time and some effort on our part. Friday night we had a night out...we went to super target and it was nice to just get out of the house. Saturday night we ate an amazing dinner with Ron & Kristen and Ansleigh got to visit them for the first time in a while (and Tanner & Shelby...the dogs)! We watched a movie and drank coffee after dinner (something we haven't done in a while). Today, we went to church, to lunch with friends, Anthony cut the grass while I took a nap, grocery shopping, then dinner. As boring as that sounds...it is very "normal" everyday life stuff. We are finally starting to have these things in our lives and it feels good. Enough about that...just wanted to report the evidence that God is working on me/us and answering prayers right and left!

Well that is enough of a novel for tonight! Have an amazing week!

We love you all!


Kathy said...

Let Anthony fee her when you are out of the house. Plan to be out at a meal time. Run to the store, etc. You just don't need to be there. He just needs to be persistent.

Oh by the way, what happened to the pics you and Anthony took when we came to see you the day after Easter? We came to see you three, not necessarily Nana, before you went home.


Hugs said...

Carrie, I totally understand the feeling of not being at home. I still struggle with it here in B'ham and we aren't far from family at all! I will be praying for you, as I usually do. It's good to know specifics about what to pray for. Pass my love along to Anthony and Ansleigh.

The Manning Family said...

I'm glad I get to see a picture of Ansleigh in her Sunday best! Can't wait to catch her live soon! ;-) And I will do that survey thing on my blog -- which is daring for me, by the way!!! :-)