Weekend News

Sunday, March 9, 2008

So it is official...Ansleigh has hit her 3 month/12 week stride (Friday to be more specific)! The colic seems to be gone (Praise Jesus! Seriously.) She is such a sweet baby now! :o) She takes naps and sleeps through the night and is such a joy in our lives (not that she wasn't before...we are just more well-rested to notice).

As dumb as it may sound, we just can't get over how awesome our kid is. Anthony loves how beautiful she is. Me, on the other hand, I love how her ears poke out so much! I guess because those are so distinctively MY ears...and they look so goofy!

Saturday, I had a wonderful day out, Ansleigh free, shopping! I went to find an outfit for our first matching-family Easter. :o) While I was out-and-about, I thought I would stop by Once Upon a Child (children's consignment shop) to find Ansleigh some warmer clothes for our upcoming trip to Anniston/Auburn/Troy/Birmingham where it snowed this weekend! While I was there, they bought the bassinet from us...yay! So now it has a home and Ansleigh got two sweaters and two new pairs of pj's.

Saturday night we had some fun times with the Jackson family! I cooked meatloaf, twice baked potatoes, green beans, and homemade bread! It was amazing! After dinner, we had a dessert Kristin made and some "chocolate velvet" coffee (my new favorite!) and played Rock Band. Plus, Ansleigh got to spend some quality (non-crying) time with Uncle Redbeard/Ron and Aunt Kristin.

Today, I spent the day preparing for our upcoming trip. I took my car to get an oil change and bought a few things for our trip. :o) Ansleigh's suitcase is packed (aside from her bibs, pj's, and her princess bath towel). Mine, on the other hand, hasn't even made it out of the closet. We are all getting so excited for Ansleigh's first trip!

We'll keep you posted!


Elizabeth said...

Hey Carrie,

This is Elizabeth Wilson (Kinsolving) Ansleigh is soo cute!! I have a random question....I saw in this post you made meatloaf! Is it a recipe you can share with me? I have been trying to find a good meatloaf recipe and can't seem to find one. I would to try yours if its not top secret! I don't have a blog so you can email me back if you don't want to post a comment back.

Hope all is well....Ansleigh is adorable!


The Manning Family said...

Did you find matching outfits? I got the girls matching Easter dresses (more casual than dressy so they can wear them again), and I want to find one similar to match. I'm soooo silly! ;-) So glad to hear things are going better!!! Praise the LORD!!