Fast Times at Ridgemont High...or the Friday House

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yesterday Ansleigh traded in her bassinet for her new pack-n-play!

For now the bassinet is living in the guest room (along with all the other crap that doesn't have a home) until it finds a new owner...know anyone who needs/wants one?

Yesterday during Ansleigh's afternoon nap, I put together her pack-n-play and she LOVES it!

Here are a few pictures of her playing in it!

Also, Ansleigh finally found her thumb...haha.

Last night she was going crazy sucking her thumb but she has figured out that it stays in better if she uses her other hand to hold it in.

Right now she only sucks her right thumb but I think it is still too early for hand dominance. Will she be a righty like her daddy (and 93% of the rest of the world) or be a minority like her mommy? We'll see!

Other news on the home front, yesterday Anthony's part for his xbox came but I missed the mail lady so one of us is going to have to pick it up at the post office.

Well that's all for now!