Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yesterday we surprised my parents by driving up to Anniston a week early!

I had planned on coming Wednesday (just me and Ansleigh) but I got to Viera and chickened-out. I just was too scared to travel that far by myself with a 3 month old.

I convinced Anthony to come with me and we left yesterday morning around 8 and got here at 5:45 central time. My parents were SOOOO excited to see us!

Ansleigh did pretty well on the trip. She only fussed when she was hungry or dirty until the end of the trip when she was just plain tired of being in her car seat (Who could blame her?).

We were treated when we got here! Every Friday night my parents eat at Red Lobster and last night was no exception! Anthony and I both got to the same a restaurant!!! My parents consoled Ansleigh when she got upset. And...this morning, my dad fed her at 7:15 and let me go back to bed! Yay!

Anthony will be flying back home tomorrow so he can work this week and then flying back here on Friday. My parents were MORE than happy to buy him a plane ticket for an extra week with the little one!

Ansleigh is LOVING Lolli & Pop's house! She has her own crib here (previously mine!) with new Banana Fish bedding and her name hung on the wall! Lolli was so excited to see her that she bought Ansleigh TONS of prizes. :o) Lolli and Pop have been loving on Ansleigh so much and Ansleigh has been returning the favor by talking up a storm and giving them TONS of smiles!

Right now it is raining and we are under a tornado watch. Later this afternoon once the storm passes, we are going to surprise Ansleigh's GranNana who is having knee surgery on Tuesday. I will hopefully post pictures of this later! Ansleigh is supposed to get a visit from her crazy Uncle Roger and sweet Aunt Miranda this afternoon too! Nobody knew we were coming so the word that we are here has been spreading like wildfire! We were spotted last night at Target :o)

Well more to come later!