Our Big Announcment!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

We've known now for about two weeks that we are expecting our second baby March 24. We're really excited but Ansleigh is sooooo excited! She has been begging us to "get our own baby" for quite some time now.

4 weeks, 2 days

Anthony videoed me telling Ansleigh she was going to be a big sister. She was quiet for a long time and then said, "Today?" After we explained a little bit better she got really excited and told us that it was going to be a girl baby, more specifically, a girl pirate baby. Yes, a pirate.

To tell our parents we had a shirt made that says, "I have a secret..." on the front and then on the back it says, "I'm going to be a big sister." We got my parents on skype (they thought they were going to see Ansleigh's new dance moves) and let her tell them. We were trying to do the same with Anthony's parents but their computer wasn't working so we just had to let Ansleigh tell them.

There were a few other people we wanted to tell in person before we put it on facebook. Anthony told a few people at work and kept asking me if I had told their wives yet. We had a surprise birthday dinner for him at his favorite place to eat and I had 23 of his closest friends there to celebrate with him for his 30th birthday. They all yelled "SURPRISE!" when we walked in and then Anthony followed with, "Surprise! Carrie's pregnant!"

To announce it on facebook, I wanted to do something really cute. I went outside in the driveway and took sidewalk chalk and drew the words "Big Sis" on the concrete. I put Ansleigh in her tshirt and we took some pictures. We ended up just using the ones where you could read her shirt and then we posted the video of us telling her.

As of today, I am 5 weeks and 5 days which means I'm in the 6th week (so says the app on my phone). Right now the baby is about the size of a pea and it already has two of the four chambers of its heart.

I had a doctor's appointment last week where she confirmed my due date, gave lots of hugs, and went over some basics and a plan of action for me. Next week I have an appointment for an ultrasound to confirm the due date and check everything out. I have another appointment the first week of September to have the big prenatal exam and all the bloodwork. She told me I should plan to take 1/2 a day off work for that one. My doctor is awesome! I fell in love with her with I was pregnant with Ansleigh and she ended up being the on-call doctor who delivered Ansleigh. Knowing how sick I was with Ansleigh she told me to call her at the first sign of sickness and she'd call in a prescription for me.

So far it has been completely different than it was with Ansleigh. With her, the nausea came the day after I found out with her (so 4 weeks, 1 day). This time, it did not come until yesterday. Yesterday I fought it and won. This morning I was not so lucky. With Ansleigh, I was really tired for a week and then it kind of went away. I've basically felt like I have a really bad cold or the flu (ache in my muscles/complete exhaustion) since the week before I found out. With Ansleigh, I didn't have any heartburn until the last trimester. This time I already have it and it is like molten lava coming up my throat.

I started showing fairly early with Ansleigh. So much so that people were sure I was having twins, which clearly did NOT happen. I'm already showing now with this one. My stomach is as hard as a rock and doesn't give with my shorts/pants when I sit (making maternity pants a must). It also doesn't give any when I bend over. I feel like I look much further along than I actually am.

I have already had a few cravings and some aversions. The first weekend it was anything covered in chocolate. Then for a week it was Kraft mac & cheese. This week's craving: eggs. Scrambled egg sandwiches on honey wheat toast. Yesterday I had it for lunch and dinner. Every time I start to think about eating something, the first thing that comes to mind is an egg sandwich.


Amy Burns said...

So excited for you guys!! Hopefully you will better soon girl!