I Can't Believe It Has Been So Long!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It has been almost a year since I posted on here. Shame on me!

Let me update you some....
Easter--my family came and we went to Disney.

For Family Vacation, we skipped out on our annual trip to Pensacola and went to Savannah/Tybee Island. It was a great trip!

Fall and Football Season came and went. Ansleigh potty-trained herself in less than a week. Yay!

For Halloween Ansleigh dressed up as "Sweepin Booty" (Sleeping Beauty).

Thanksgiving we visited my parents in Alabama.

For Ansleigh's 3rd Birthday (AHHH!!!) we took her to Disney World and she had lunch with the Disney Royalty. She thought it was by far, the greatest thing on earth. She also had a party at Lolli's house for just the family.

Christmas was spent with both families and New Year's was spent with the Friday's.

Around Valentine's Day, Ansleigh discovered the world of Hello Kitty and now she is obsessed. Somewhere around there she had her first sleepover too. Our friend Maddie (age 2) spent the night at our house and both girls thought it was the greatest thing.

Most recently, she got her ears pierced. She picked out Hello Kitty earrings.

Several of our friends started having babies (most of them having child #2) and Ansleigh decided she wants "our" own baby but, "We're only going to buy a girl baby. Boys are yuck." Haha! And no, that is not my way of saying we're expecting because we are not.

She is such a funny little girl! She says when she grows up she wants to be a dancer and a princess. Right now she takes Play Ball classes at school on Fridays and I just signed her up for dance class for the summer. Lucky for me, I found a class where she will learn tap, ballet, and gymnastics all at the same time.

She currently loves Princesses, Hello Kitty, Tangled, Fairies, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She is quite tall for her age (wearing 4's and 5's) and is constantly telling us she is a big girl now. She loves to sing and dance. She also loves to read books and do puzzles. We've recently discovered that she has somewhat of a knack for doing puzzles and completed at 150 piece puzzle (for ages 6+) with little help from her daddy. She is EXTREMELY imaginative which can get her into trouble sometimes. She's sassy and wants what she wants. She's a sweet little girl with just a smidge of attitude.


jessica said...

So glad you updates. I love your blog :)