Ansleigh's Birthday

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two days ago our little Buggy-Boo turned 2 years old!

We'd planned on taking her to Disney to celebrate her birthday instead of a party. My parents arranged to come down so we decided to make a cake and have a few people over to celebrate. At the last minute, my parents were unable to make it down, but the cake was baked so we went ahead with plans.

Three of Ansleigh's sweet friends made it over to help her eat her Minnie cake. :)

On Friday, we held off on going to Disney and it was a good thing we did! It rained and poured all day long! We're going in January.

Two days ago, on her actual birthday, she got to have cookies for breakfast :) with chocolate milk. We watched her favorite show (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and for dinner, we took her to Chick-fil-a to eat dinner, play on the playground, and have some ice cream.

While we're in Anniston, Lolli & Pop are hosting a TinkerBell birthday party for all the family that can never be with her on her birthday. Stay tuned for pics from that. :)