Don't Fire Me...Yet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I used to be so awesome at always updating this blog. Within a few days of something happening, I had it posted on here.

Then we got a new camera. A new camera with a fancy-smancy memory thing that uploads the pictures straight to the computer--Anthony's computer. Then...they sit there. And he fiddles with them. And they sit there longer. Until finally I remember and we transfer them over to my computer.

What can I say? Technology has ruined our blog...hahaha.


A few things have happened. On Mother's Day, we had Ansleigh dedicated and my parents somehow managed to make it down here for that. :) Our church had a beach baptism and church-wide picnic where our sweet friend Monika was baptised. And more recently, as in this past weekend, Chad, Rachel, T, AC, and their new dog Odie were here for a visit.

So...really what I'm telling you is to expect a blog attack. At least this time you were warned. :)