Baby Dedication & Beach Baptism

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Dedication

Ansleigh, being almost 18 months old [GASP], is a little old for a baby dedication, but this was the first one our church has done since we started going when she was around 4 months old, so we did it because we believe it is important.

It was held on Mother's Day and my parents made the long haul down to be there for it. Ansleigh had a blast spending Saturday, Sunday, and Monday playing with Lolli and Pop. In fact, when they were leaving, she tried to go with them and cried.

For the dedication, the church took all the babies being dedicated and we all lined up across the stage. Most of the babies were...well...babies. Then there was our sweet little Buggy who kept saying, "Up. Up. Up." meaning that she really wanted me to put her down to roam the sanctuary. That makes perfect sense to her. :)

We had a blessed day and really enjoyed it. The church gave her a Bible and among other things, a letter to open on her 12th birthday.

Vanessa was so sweet to take pictures for us. Thanks, Nessa!

Beach Baptism

The following Sunday, our church had a beach baptism and a church-wide picnic. We didn't go last year but thought it would be fun so we went this year. We even got a babysitter so we could actually enjoy it.

Our sweet friend Monika made the decision to be baptized and we were blessed enough to get to see it. Also, a good friend in our Sunday School class, Jeremy was baptized too. It was the most amazing thing. I guess it was similar to seeing people baptized before it was done in churches. It is so hard to describe the beauty of seeing someone you adore taking a stand for Christ at one of his most amazing creations.

Needless to say, we had an awesome time!