7 Years Ago...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Anthony reminded me about 30 minutes ago of what "today" is....

7 years ago Anthony asked me to be his girlfriend. Cheesy, I know but it's also super sweet. I can still remember *most* of the details. I can't believe we've been together for 7 years!

To celebrate these 7 years, I thought I'd post a picture of us shortly around the time we started dating so everyone could have a good chuckle. :)

This is a picture of us at some kind of Baptist College Student Evangelism conference in Montgomery. And before you say it, I know, I know--we both look so young. You can't tell from the picture but this is right before Anthony buzzed his head for the first time and my hair is actually about 4 inches longer than you can see. Wowza. What a long time ago!

I have another picture of us from the BCM Spring Social just a few weeks after we started dating but I'll spare Anthony the embarrassment of posting that picture :) The theme was "More Than Conquerors" and we dressed in our Greek attire. :)

Anyway, happy 7 years Love!