Yesterday's Trip

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just wanted to put a quick update for those of you who were curious as to how our long drive went yesterday.

Yesterday (Friday) we traveled from Palm Bay to Anniston, Alabama. We ended up being late getting going (10 am) because we were late getting to bed (2 am) due to our extremely long to-do list.

We only had to stop twice: Once right before St. Augustine to eat lunch and once around Tifton, GA to get gas/potty.

Ansleigh slept maybe 15 minutes right after she ate lunch and then maybe 25 minutes or so when we were crossing the AL/GA state line. She wasn't too bad most of the trip. I stayed in the backseat with her and she watched her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD that she got for her birthday, then we watched Veggie Tales: Josh and the Big Wall, then we watched her Handy Manny DVD, followed by part of Cinderella, and the entirety of Aladdin. Nice, I know.

She basically screamed for at least the last two hours of the trip. I don't blame her. She was tired and ready to be out of her seat. The crazy thing is that it was almost 11 (eastern) before she went to bed last night. CRAZY!

We waited for Mom to return from the visitation (my great uncle, James, died this week) and for Jon & Christina to get here from North Carolina and then we had the Fair Family Friday Night Dinner at Red Lobster.

NOTE: Never order macaroni & cheese off the kid's menu for your child. It is $5 and is 1/4 of a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Serioulsy! And part of Ansleigh's was burnt...haha.

Anyway, this morning was Uncle James's funeral and then we are headed to GranNana's (my mother's mother) for the Neighbor's family Christmas. We will be leaving there and heading to Selma (3 hrs. away) where we will attend the Friday Family Christmas. After that, we will head to Aunt Debbie's to spend the night and visit until Monday. Monday we will return back to Anniston.

Keep us in your prayers as we travel extensively over the next two weeks.

We love yall!

More updates to come soon (I hope!).


AURileys said...

Hey, we have Neighbors family too...but I dont know of much other than one is named Grady and my great g ma is a Neighbors..and distantly they are related to Jim Nabors..they didnt like his spelling so the story goes

mandghall said...

Wowza. What a trooper baby girl! We drove 12 hours ( to take a 8 hour trip) to Charleston over Thanksgiving and I was crazy nervous. The week after you get back to normal was the worst for us, but sounds like little A is a tough cookie so you may be good to go. Enjoy and safe travels.