Thursday, December 18, 2008

Precious Moments Christmas was one of my very favorite books as a child, even as a teenager. Turns out, it is a favorite of Ansleigh's too.

I've been reading it to her a lot and she's been "reading" it herself quite often. The book, to me, explains Christmas in the most simple form. Because we love it, we want to share it with you:

Christmas is a time
for bows
And jingle bells
and winter snows...

Of holly wreaths
and colored lights
That twinkle in the snowy nights.

Christmas is
a time for cakes
And other things
that Mommy makes...

Of little stockings
on the wall
With tiny treasures
in them all.

Christmas is a time
of joy
For every
little girl and boy...

A time of toys
and balls and bats
And puppy dogs
and baseball hats.

But just remember
Christmas brings
Much more than
toys and other things...

More than tinsel,
more than lights,
More than jingle bells
and snowy nights.

Most of all,
this time of year...
With all its love
and Christmas cheer...

Reminds us of
the gift of love
That came to us
from up above.

For long ago
in Bethlehem
A star arose
above the land.

Little angels
came to earth
To sing the news
of Jesus' birth.

The shepherds heard
their song of joy
And went to see
the baby boy.

Wisemen saw
his wondrous star
And made their
journey from afar.

They brought him
gifts of spice and gold
That Christmas day
so long foretold.

Now Christmas is
a time to share
The love of Jesus

A time when we
can laugh and sing
And thank the Lord
for everything.

So when you think
of snowy nights
With sleigh bells, trees,
and Christmas lights...

Above all else
remember, too,
God sent his gift
of love for you.

Merry Christmas!

P.S. This book was definitely copyrighted in 1988. If you saw the pictures, you'd know that. :) They are amazing!

Merry Christmas from the Friday's!