Mimi's Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Across the street from Mimi's

Ansleigh playing with McKinzie's shopping cart

Loving on Taylor

Taylor, Aunt Opal, and Me opening gifts

Aunt Cricket NOT pleased about her gift from Papa Sid...haha. It was x-lax.

Ansleigh really loves Uncle Rogers...we aren't sure why :)

Mimi's tree

Every year at Mimi's we exchange names and buy only one gift. This year we were really sad that Jessica couldn't make it (due to car trouble). We ate lunch and then opened presents and then just sat around and visited.

Anthony was excited because he got the new Batman movie. I was super excited because I got a gift card to Dillard's so I can buy some new clothes or shoes (or both!).

Everyone fought over who was going to hold Ansleigh :) It is a shame we don't get to visit more often because she is so loved.

Christmas at Mimi's was full of tradition, good food, and family--just the way we like it :o)