A Weekend with Uncle Jon & Aunt Sissy

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Late Friday night my sister (Christina) and her hubby (Jon) arrived in good old Palm Bay after quite a long trip. We gave hugs, brought stuff in, chatted for a few minutes and then all went to bed.

Saturday morning I awoke to the smell of pancakes cooking! YUM! Yes, that's right, my sister was cooking all of us breakfast. She and Jon were up with Ansleigh. She had even taken Ansleigh on a walk around the neighborhood. We sat around talking and watching Game Day while Ansleigh took a nap. When she got up, Christina and I decided to go to the Outlets shopping.

We loaded up Ansleigh in her big girl car seat (I weighed her first to make sure she was heavy enough) in Aunt Sissy's new Jeep Commander and headed out to Vero Beach.

While we were there we found some amazing sales at Gap, Banana Republic, Children's Place, and Ralph Lauren. We also found some "deals" that just made us laugh. We found a couple of dresses that were marked "down" to $90. Ha! We found a scarf in J.Crew that was $40...for a scarf!!!!!! We took a break from shopping and hit TCBY where Ansleigh got to have some white chocolate yogurt. YUMMY! Ansleigh thought so too.

After a full afternoon of shopping, we headed back to the house to let Ansleigh get her nap, watched the Bama vs. LSU game, and then went to get some dinner.

Sunday we got up and got dressed for church. We had a mini-photo shoot of Ansleigh before we left and then headed to church for the special Veteran's Day choir program. After church we grabbed some lunch at Jason's Deli. When we got home Ansleigh took a nap, Jon fished in the canal and we just hung around the house. Christina did an impromtu photo shoot with the buggy and took some really good pictures.

Monday afternoon we headed out to the beach to take some pictures and have some fun. Ansleigh LOVED the sand and made quite a mess of herself. She had lots of fun playing with Uncle Jon at the beach.

Tuesday (around lunch) they had to leave. We were sad to see them go but had a blast spending time with them. Ansleigh loved getting to see Aunt Sissy, Uncle Jon, and cousin Mocha (weenie dog).

We miss you guys!


Rachel said...

Glad you guys had fun! :)

Beth Webb said...

Great pics!