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Friday, October 10, 2008

Sorry for not updating in a while.

My life has been madness since my child is mobile. Completely mobile. Pulling up on everything. Following me around the house. Finding little treasures on the floor...ew. Madness.

My sweet little baby is losing all of her baby-ish-ness. Sad times. In just a few short days kid will be 10 months old. How did that happen? Seriously.

Things you may want to know that I probably have not mentioned:

  • She says "Mama" and "mamamamama" all the time. Not so much on the "dada."
  • Eats only people food now. No baby food. This week we have had some messy adventures. She's a big fan of rotini noodles and marinara sauce (she IS my child, ya know?). Tonight she had her first french fry and she had some hamburger, tomato, and lettuce. She eats what we eat, just torn or chopped up.
  • We are glad to be bottle free!!! At 9 months I started taking her off her bottle and started making her use a sippy cup. After about a week, she was bottle free. We didn't really have much trouble. 9 months is a little early to be bottle-free but those Dr. Brown's bottles just have so many parts that are a pain to wash so....we're done with them--until 1 million years from now when/if baby #2 comes.
  • She is such a fast crawler now! She can be in one part of the house one minute, blink your eyes and she is gone--completely to another part of the house. This has been an adjustment. No more leaving her laying on the floor (unsupervised) to go potty real quick like. Although, seriously, who is worried? She follows me EVERYwhere. Which leads me to my next bullet...
  • Kid is a BIG fan of momma. Seriously. She has to know where I am at all times. If we shared the same skin, we probably wouldn't be close enough for her. She tries to climb up in my loveseat with me (PICTURES ARE COMING, RACHEL. GOSH.haha). If she hears me in the kitchen, she is on her way. She gets oh-so-excited when I come to get her up from her naps. She'll look at me and say, " MAMA! MAMA!" with the biggest smile you've ever seen.
Tommy & Dyan (Anthony's parents)/Papa & Nana are here for the weekend so I'm sure there will be pictures on here soon. For now, here are a few from this week and her big ol' mess she made.
Sweet little girl holding Tigger like a baby.
Sweet baby sleeping with Bo--mommy's old bear. She loves him.
Helping mommy with the laundry!
Rotini Mess
Let's see just how gross we can get...
She gave herself a mowhawk....seriously. Almost peed in my pants.
Hunks of noodle and sauce in her hair. Gross. It stained her scalp.

Also, War Eagle and bye bye Tony Franklin.

"and ah that's, and ah that's, and ah that's all folks."


w said...

picture number 2, while oh so adorable, contains about 6 oopsies.

i'm telling your pediatrician.

you are in *so* much trouble.

Anonymous said...


How long did it take you to clean her dinner off of her? And I think the mohawk should be a Sunday morning style...

Carrie said...

Winn--there are WAY more that 6 oopsies in her crib. She sleeps with a blanket (GASP), like 4 stuffed animals (GASP), a cabbage patch baby (DOUBLE GASP--not age-appropriate), a board book (GASP), I put her to bed with her sippy cup (TRIPLE GASP), and she still has her bumper pad. Hiep would freak. Seriously.

Vanessa--that was her lunch and it took 45 minutes in the tub, plus a pre-scrub. I'm a fan of the mowhawk. Her bows make it even cuter :o)

Anonymous said...

Even I am closing my eyes at all the "oopsies"!!! ;-)

Could the color from the rotini make her look like a bigger Auburn fan? You know, all in orange for the big games?

w said...


i wish i had a witty comeback.

but alas, i am all out of witty tonight.

just me said...

I love reading your blog :) it always makes me laugh! I missed you while I was gone!