we like football...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So this weekend, we spent the weekend doing none other than watching football! Ansleigh cheered on her Tigers Saturday afternoon with Daddy while Mommy was helping with Melissa's shower (for baby Jackson). Today, Ansleigh sported her Peyton Manning outfit :) (girl version, please) in anticipation of tonight's game.

I swear, it's like she knows when she has on cheerleader outfits and mommy gets out the camera that she has to start practicing her cheers! Haha! I love it!

This one is from church last Sunday...Ansleigh was sporting her orange and blue :o)

These other pictures are of her ant bites (look closely) and of the day it was so flippin' hot in our house. Ugh.
Click on this one (above) to get a close up of bug bites :o(

Another successful weekend :o)

War Eagle!


Rachel said...

She's SO gonna be a cheerleader! I love it! We miss Ansleigh!