Beginning of the Week Blues...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So last week I posted that at the beginning of the week we discovered we had an ant problem. Well we didn't quite know how bad it REALLY was. It turns out we had all kinds of ants--sugar ants, carpenter ants, and worst of all, fire ants. The fire ants were in Ansleigh's crib and all in her clothes. Amazingly enough, they weren't anywhere else in the house.

It was a nightmare! She had 26 ant bites from her neck up! I totally freaked out! I stripped and washed her beddding probably 5 times! Anthony called an exterminator and she came in and was so sweet! We did have to keep Ansleigh out of her room for 24 hours but since then, there have been no more ants.

I'm also happy to report that her bites have almost all completely healed.

Well, this week, specifically Monday afternoon, our air conditioner stopped blowing cold air. In fact, it blew hot air. IT WAS SO FREAKIN HOT IN OUR HOUSE!!!!!!

First thing Tuesday morning Anthony called some people to come fix it and they said they'd be here by noon....

Except that they weren't. He got here at 4:15!!! Ansleigh and I were too hot ladies. It stayed in the upper 80's for a little over 24 hours. Wowza, that is hot. It was actually slightly cooler outside than it was inside so I had the windows open.

Fortunately now we have our precious air back!!! I'm kind of scared to see what might happen next week. :o)


Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

Sorry to hear about the start of your week! Speaking of exterminators, ours was here today. Bugs in Alabama are terriable. We had a black widow with web outside and little spiders inside. With Addie and Alex crawling, we don't take any chances. Hope that Ansleigh gets rid of those bits soon! Stay Cool!
In case you did not get my email, it is:

Hugs said...

We will be there until Friday night sometime. I'll check with Kevin and see if there is any downtime that we could get together! I'd LOVE that. :)

Rachel said...

Yuck!! We just had issues with our air conditioner hot!! Glad the ants are gone. :)