Our new look...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Thanks to all of you who responded so promptly to my cry for help! :o)

I looked at all the sites suggested. I finally decided to try thecutestblogontheblock.com. After spending a ridiculous amount of time sifting and sorting through designs and then trying to make them magically appear (haha) on our blog, I finally succeeded.

A special thanks to Vanessa who made our AMAZING headline! :o)

Thanks again! :o)


just me said...

Love it! :) cute cute cute!

Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

Yea Carrie!
The new blog looks great!
With twins, I did not have time to do mine on my own. But, this looks so good. How hard was it to do?
I just love your new look! Have a great week... I would love to chat with you sometime! My email is linked on my blog!

Chris and Vanessa said...
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The Adorables! said...

I really like the background on yours, I'll have to look into that! And I'm so glad you were able to use that pic for the headline, I didn't know if you would want something more -- I'm honored that you used it! :-)

Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

Here is my email address:
Thanks for visiting our blog!
I had actually thought of Raggedy Ann and Andy for the kids :)
Talk to you soon!

The Langfords said...

Looks great!!

Mary Beth said...

Your blog looks super cute! I updated mine due to your solicitation of ideas. :-) good idea! Thanks girl.

Lacey said...

So cute...I'm so impressed!