Blessed Abundantly

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lately we've really been noticing just how blessed we are! Not only do we have AMAZING friends and family, but things really seem to be falling into place for us. Our child makes us smile EVERY single day and we are genuinely happy.

This weekend my sweet husband, Anthony, took his girls to Rooms To Go to pick out a new loveseat. :o) We ordered it yesterday and it will be delivered tomorrow.

Today, we got a REALLY big box in the mail. Guess who it was from?


I know, you're all surprised, right? :o) Hehe...

She mailed Ansleigh a box of goodies she's been collecting for a couple of months. Once I opened the box and took everything out, this is what the floor looked like:
I ended up going through all her stuff and separating it all out into categories:

Halloween Stuff

Kelly's Kids Crazy Daisy Line

Christmas--Yall know I am Christmas crazy. My goal, as stupid as it may sound, is for Ansleigh to wear something Christmas-y from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day. :o) We will see how that works out. And no, it doesn't have to be something different...just something Christmas.

Auburn Loot

Random Animal Stuff


New Diaper Bag

As if all this wonderful stuff wasn't enough of a treat, these two following pictures brought BIG smiles to our faces and we hope they do the same for you!
FACE OFF: Ansleigh vs. Spaghetti.
What a mess!!! It took FOREVER to clean this up and then, I had to give her a bath because she had spaghetti everywhere. You'd think I let her self-feed, but I didn't. She has a new trick where she blows spit out her mouth (I don't know how else to describe it but it's cute). Usually she only does it when she mimacs us, but she decided to do when she had food in her mouth. She LOVED that it was messy. I wouldn't give her the food so she kept sticking her hand in her mouth and then rubbing it on the tray. Gross.

Ansleigh's first basketball game--Go Central Eagles!
Ansleigh was cranky and wouldn't take her bottle and then I sat down next to the cheerleaders and she was the happiest child in that gym! She kept trying to cheer with them, banging her hands and squealing with delight! Sammie (front row, far left) was sitting right beside me and Ansleigh kept taking her poms and shaking them. There is NO doubt in our minds that this little one wants to be a cheerleader.
P.S. Notice that her dress had smocked cheerleaders on it in Central's colors--red and blue. :o)


Jennifer said...

I knew that you had gotten a box in the mail, but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of the outfits that arrived for Ansleigh to wear. Whew, I can't imagine having to put all of those on hangers, though.... :)
The spaghetti picture was super cute too! Does she have a cheerleading hairbow too?

just me said...

holy cow!! your mom is Amazing! too too cute, can't wait to see her in all her different outfits...and the shoes!! love the picture with the spaghetti face! lol make me laugh :)

from the other Carrie

Rachel said...

Your mom is great! I wish I could see Ansleigh more! Boo!

The Adorables! said...

Oh.My.Gosh!!! That's A LOT of stuff!!! And if you manage that Christmas outfits every day between Thanksgiving through to Christmas, I think we need a picture a day!! :-)


Hugs said...

Christmas is just the best time of the year. End of story. Ansleigh MUST know that starting now. Good job, Mom.

Denise said...

I cannot believe the ammount of stuff in that box! That is insane. I wish we had a Lolli!