Planes, Pains, and an All Around Difficult Day...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So yesterday was Ansleigh's first plane ride.

Wow, what a day!

Our flight from Melbourne to Atlanta was supposed to leave at 11:15 a.m. We tried to get Ansleigh to take her morning nap early but we were unsuccessful. I was super nervous about going through security with all that baby stuff so we went to the airport at about 10 a.m. When I got to the airport there were MAYBE 15 people there so needless to say, I breezed through security and got over to our gate and sat down.

Ansleigh hanging out waiting for the plane...

Our flight was going to be delayed.

Well, I thought that might end up being a good thing because just MAYBE I could get Ansleigh to take a short nap. Not a chance. She watched JoJo's Circus on my laptop and played with another baby. Our flight ended up being delayed an extra hour! Ugh.

We go to get on the plane and I realize that there are only 12 rows on the whole plane! That made things a little cramped. Take-off and landing didn't really scare Ansleigh and the pressure change didn't bother her ears. She took about a ten minute nap on me after whining for about 10 minutes. Just when I breathed a sigh of relief, she woke up screaming. I tried my best to soothe her and appologized to everyone around me. She settled down but then screamed with laughter the rest of the flight...nice. Once again, I found myself appologizing. I also found myself wishing desperately that the plane would just land already! We flew in circles over Atlanta for an hour!

We finally landed and I rushed off the plane because we had a connecting flight. I was originally supposed to have a two hour layover in Atlanta which would be great for grabbing some lunch for myself and for feeding Ansleigh. It would have been great had it happened. When I got off the first plane, they were boarding my connecting flight. I had to run all the way across the Atlanta airport pushing the stroller (going up two escalators with the stroller) to make my next flight.

We loaded up the next plane, sweaty Ansleigh and sweaty Mommy. I relaxed a little because this was a MUCH bigger plane and the seat next to me was empty. Ansleigh pulled and yanked and ripped my hair out (the entire flight). She missed her first nap of the day. She also missed her lunch. She was not interested in the bottle I so frantically tried to fix her. She whined and cried and fussed almost the whole 26 minute flight. All the people around me were giving me horrible looks and I kept appologizing. I even got up and tried bouncing her in the aisle. Nothing worked.

We landed. Whew.

I stood up and everyone was eager to let me off in front of them (probably to get away from the fussy baby). I stood holding all my stuff and Ansleigh for 10 minutes waiting to get off the plane. Ugh.

Finally, I got off the plane and was dreading having to hold Ansleigh and unfold her stroller when I looked up and the sweet people who took it off the plane had it set up to just strap her in!!!! It was the hightlight of my day!

I strapped her in and trudged my way through the airport to see three giant smiling faces...Pop Pop, Lolli, & GranNana! They were so excited to see her...and me (probably). :o)

We loaded up the car and after a few whimpers, Ansleigh took a short nap. 45 minutes later we were pulling into the most familiar driveway in the world. Ah...

On a side note: Lolli had a kagillion (yes, a kagillion) outfits from ebay :o) and apparently Pop Pop had bought Ansleigh a little 4-wheeler for Christmas. Well, he opened it and put it together and kid has been riding it since then! You should see her...she's so cute! I'm going to try and upload the video.