Leaving on a Jet Plane

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today Ansleigh and I are taking her first flight to Alabama! Well actually, to Atlanta and then on to Birmingham.

I've been doing TONS of research about flying with babies but yall know how I am about traveling and I am a little nervous about how she's going to do. I made sure all my seats on the planes were on the aisle so that if I need to get up with her I can.

Keep us in your prayers today! Our flight leaves Melbourne at 11:15 and the other one leaves Atlanta around 2:15. The first flight is about an hour and the second flight is about 20 minutes.

Anthony will be staying here in Florida for this trip to build up vacation hours for the holidays. Keep him in your prayers too as he will be left to party all by himself for a week :O)

I will try to post an update at some point tonight...


GreatAunt Kathy said...

Didn't know you were coming to Bham? Would have loved to have met you there! Maybe next time. Looks like the 4-wheeler is a hit.

GreatAunt Kathy