Six Months and Counting!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Ansleigh -Bug is 6 months old!!! I can hardly believe it! We spent the weekend of her 1/2 birthday :o) and Father's Day having a blast!

She is growing like a weed and is so much fun! Ok well, maybe I have more fun with her sometimes than she has with me (see below), but one of us is usually smiling!

Silly Mommy! I don't want to wear my shorts on my head.

Sweet baby waking up from a nap and SO happy to see Mommy! Does her hair look red in this picture to you?

Playing with her feet, specifically her pink new balance :o)

Friday night we kept Faith for Carrie & Dave so they could have a night out! Faith was a blast! Everything was, "Why? Why? Why? Okay, but why?" :o) Oh to be a 4-year-old! We fed her cheese pizza, sprite, cheese popcorn, and we watched a movie. Needless to say, she was a bit wound up. Faith LOVES Ansleigh
Saturday, after Anthony finished softball practice, we went to the Newby's to cook out, swim, and see Jackson's room! Ansleigh had never been swimming before and I had a very difficult time picking out which swimmy she was going to wear, but finally, after much deliberation, the Auburn swimmy won!

She LOVED the water and by that I mean she didn't freak out and after about two hours, she started splashing around. She also had fun getting splashed by boyfriend, Logan.

Sunday was Anthony's first Father's Day! At church they (the nursery workers) made a sweet little poem with a framed picture of our little girl for Daddy!

Today I took Ansleigh to the doctor for her six month check-up. Here are her stats:
  • 14 pounds, 13 ounces (50%)
  • 26 and 1/4 inches (50%)
She is right on track for everything (except the sitting). Margaret said she can tell Ansleigh is VERY bright (smart) and is a busy little baby! One concern she does have about Ansleigh is that she seems to have low muscle tone because she's so flexible (something like that). She said that babies who are very flexible don't have to use their muscles to get what they want because they can just bend to get it.

She got her third round of her shots (Yikes!) and she was not a fan. Who would be? She will go back when she is 9 months old and the good news is that she won't get any shots next time. Horray! Until then, we will be working on her muscle tone.

After the doctor, we went to Target and got Ansleigh a prize (a new toy) for her birthday and for being a good girl at the doctor. Really, it was just because I wanted her to have it...all the good toys are 6 months +. When we got home, I painted her toe nails...HOT PINK! It was a little messy but here is the result:
Playing with her new toy!


Cheryl said...

Hi Carrie,

I saw your post on Bring the Rain. You asked for people to come see your family, and post, so here I am!

You have a beautiful daughter!

Nice to meet you.