Crazy Good Times!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Things have been CRAZY busy here lately! Ansleigh is finally growing like a weed :o) and approaching her 6 month birthday! Wowza.

Anthony and I have finally gotten involved in our amazing church and we are totally loving it. Membership is in the near future I dare say. Anthony and I have started going to Wednesday night dinner and this week we met the pastor and his wife and found out that they too have an Ansley :o) She's four. Anthony has starting singing in the choir (which makes my heart smile because he has an amazing voice) and is now the shortstop for the church softball team and playing Ultimate Frisbee with lots of the guys from church! Busy boy!

I have been working with the cheerleaders twice a week and I have to say it has been a blast and such a blessing! Working with Ashley and Jessica will bring me so many smiles in the future because they already have! We're getting the girls in shape, raising money (want to make a donation???), and getting ready for our UCA camp in August! These girls are so precious! I love middle-schoolers! They are so awkward and great. Also, I'm teaching a kindergarten class at VBS this year! That will be in about two weeks. I realized today at the meeting that this will be my first VBS since I was actually in VBS! I'm so excited about having the opportunity to teach these little ones about Jesus!

Last weekend we went to the beach side to watch the shuttle launch. We parked and walked up onto the bridge to get a good view! We had a blast except for the whole pushing a stroller up hill in the scorching sun part.
I usually try to take a picture of Ansleigh every Sunday morning in her pretty outfits. This is from two weeks ago. As you can see, she CLEARLY is very bored with me! This beautiful Feltman Brothers dress was Anna Cate's and was passed on to us! When I picked her up from Bed Babies that morning, she had her dress over her head and was chewing on it. :o)
As everyone seems to notice, Ansleigh is pretty tiny. She just FINALLY got out of her size one diapers and is starting to really fit into her 3-6 months clothes! She loves to stand and see everything so we put together her exersaucer a few months ago. She was too little to touch the bottom, even on the shortest setting. We've been trying and trying and FINALLY, she can touch. Just barely, but she can touch! She really likes it or at least seems to.

Also, Ansleigh has FINALLY gotten to a point where she can sit in her high chair! She's been too wobbly until now. She's getting better at sitting up but she still can't do it. My super sweet friend , Michelle, who lives in Germany right now, suggested that I sit her with her legs straddled and place a big toy between them. We're going to try it and see if that works.
As far as solid foods go, she has had pretty much all the stage 1 foods minus pears and prunes. I finally broke down and gave her the bananas this weekend...I knew they'd be her favorite and I was right! She licked them off her face and yelled at me when she realized that they were all gone. Pears are next on the list to try and maybe the prunes but they just look gross. Another thing Ansleigh has had (which might make me a bad mommy) is chocolate milk...well chocolate formula. Every now and then I put a teeny-tiny amount of nestle quick in her bottle and shake it up. Of course, she LOVES it. I'm scared to put very much in there and I'm not so sure that she can really even taste what I've given her because it is such a small amount. I like to think she can though because I like the idea that I can spoil her just a little bit and trick her into eating more because it is so yummy!
And last but not least, the bubble extravaganza 2008! Either Friday night or Saturday afternoon (can't remember which one), Anthony came home from practice (or ultimate) and was just sore and worn out. I suggested he take a hot bat in our tub! I squirted a little vapor bath in it to make him feel a little better. He turned on the jets. Needless to say, there were bubbles EVERYwhere! I scooped them out of the tub with my arms (which was actually kind of fun) and put them in the shower so he could turn the jets back on. We laughed and laughed like we were teenagers again. It just goes to show you that it is the little stupid stuff that can make life so wonderful!

Stay tuned for Ansleigh's six month vitals....I'm predicting she'll be in the 25% for height and weight. What do you think?


Beau and Kellie said...

Yeah Ethans fav were bananas and sweet tators,I've tried chocolate a few times but he doesn't seem to care for it yet(doesn't have his daddys taste then:o)Ansleigh is getting so big!

Daddy Dale and Mommy Jen said...

Your daughter is beautiful!
I have enjoyed reading your blog. Our twins were born 5 days after Ansleigh. Please feel free to check out our blog. Can't wait to hear her six month check up notes!