1 day = 1 week???

Friday, April 4, 2008

Sunday we came to Anniston from Tannehill to stay the night before heading back to Mellbourne. Needless to say, when we woke up Monday morning, we felt like death and decided to stay and go on back home Tuesday.

That one extra day turned into another one and into another one and before we knew it, it was Friday and we are still here! Each day we felt terrible and just didn't get up. For some dumb reason, we were going to go home today but it was going to be and ended up being such terrible weather that we decided to stay.

It is so much easier to be sick parents with a non-sick baby (and try to keep it that way) when you have some help! Plus, our 11 hour trip home is hard anyway and would be much more difficult feeling terrible and being drugged.

I am happy to report that Anthony and I are about 85% better. Also, tomorrow is my mom's 51st birthday!!!! What could possibly be a better present than spending it with her grandbaby?

We will, regardless of the circumstances, be heading back home on Sunday. Anthony had enough sick days to use this week but cannot afford to miss any more work since he missed all of this week being sick and all of the week before being on vacation. As for Ansleigh and me, we haven't been in our house in three weeks!!!! I am kind of looking forward to being back in my own house but still completely enjoying being around our families.

Speaking of Ansleigh, she has really been developing! She really starting to laugh a lot now and she squeals with delight when I play with her! Also, she has figured out that she has hands and those hands do things! She's started picking up toys and playing with them. I am totally loving how she generally uses her left hand to pick things up and if you put something in her right hand, she usually moves it to the left. Do we have another lefty on our hands?