On the Road Again...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tomorrow morning we are leaving Anniston. :o( We are really excited about the rest of our trip but it is hard packing up all our stuff and leaving here. It has been so amazing to get to spend time with my family and have SO much extra help with Ansleigh!

We were supposed to leave this afternoon but my mom still needed our help with Nana (recovering from knee replacement surgery) and hadn't gotten to spend much time with Ansleigh at all (which was kind of the point of our trip). I made the decision today to cancel our trip to Auburn to spend the night with John & Lacey and eat dinner at Brick Oven with all our friends from the Cooch.

We are still going to Auburn, just only for a couple of hours. I have some stuff to give to Lacey that would be WAY too expensive to mail and we really want to see her and meet Ella Clare (still in her belly). Also, it will be a great time for a family photo in front of the sign!!!

SIDE NOTE: speaking of photos, Mom and I took Ansleigh to Studio One today to have her 3 month pictures made and they are going to be amazing!!!! They should be at the price my mom paid but I can't wait to illegally scan them and show them to everyone. Unfortunately, we won't have them for about 4 weeks.

After leaving Auburn tomorrow, we will head on to Troy to go spend some time with Anthony's parents. We are very excited about seeing them. We'll be there tomorrow night (Wednesday), Thursday, and during the day on Friday. Thursday night Chad & Rachel and the kids are coming (yay!) and we're having dinner with Bryant & Whitney Yarbrough. :o)

Friday afternoon all the Friday's are meeting at Tannehill State Park in Birmingham for a weekend of camping. Pray it doesn't rain the whole time! This will be the first time Ansleigh gets to meet anyone on that side of the family.

Anthony's parents live in the stone age and don't have internet so all our readers will have to wait until we return to Florida for some updates.

We love you guys! Keep us in your prayers as we travel LOTS with a little one!


Hugs said...

We live just minutes from Tannehill! Oh please, please give me a call Saturday sometime--I'd love to see y'all even if it's just for a minute. Kevin will be in Missouri but I'll be in town all weekend. I'm glad to hear you've had a nice visit with all the family. How is Ansleigh as a traveler?