From Last Wednesday

Monday, March 31, 2008

Today we had such an exciting day!!!

We were sad to leave my mom and Nana (both with a few tears in their eyes), but we were simply giddy with excitement to be going back “home” to Auburn.

When we drove into town, we both had HUGE smiles on our faces! We drove through downtown Auburn and then went to eat at Momma G’s! Yum!

When we left there, we went to John & Lacey’s house to meet up with Lacey and say hello to Ella Clare (still in Lacey’s belly).

Their new house was just beautiful! Ella Clare’s room is amazing! Lacey and her mom created this fantastic wall art project with birds that is so unique and amazing. This picture was stolen from their blog:

After a short time of visiting with Lacey, we had to leave her to go meet up with The Clicks and Sue & Jeff. We went to April & Andrew’s new house (new to them) and we had a blast with them! They are so much fun! The Colonel (their puppy) has gotten so much bigger since the last time we saw him in May!

Ansleigh loved Aunt Lacey, Uncle Andrew & Aunt April, and Aunt Sue-Sue and Uncle Feff!

It broke our hearts to leave. If there was a job Anthony could do in Auburn, I really think we’d move back. We miss it and love it so much! We are bound and determined now to make it to some football games this fall!

When we left Auburn, we drove to Troy to come stay with Anthony’s parents for a few days before going camping with the Friday family….the WHOLE Friday family. Nana & Papa had a surprise for us when we got there….Anna Cate! They’ve been keeping her this week!

Ansleigh and Anna Cate had a bath together after dinner and Ansleigh laughed and laughed (her newest trick) at Anna Cate and Anna Cate laughed and laughed at Ansleigh. It was the cutest thing ever!

Anna Cate & Ansleigh in the tub (excuse the somewhat compromising photo)

Anthony’s parents don’t have the internet, so I’m typing the blog now while it is all fresh in my mind and then I’ll post all the blogs once we get back to the world of the internet. :o)

More to come soon!