What a weekend!?!?!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday we took a "family" trip to West Melbourne. I needed to go to JoAnn's and Target and Anthony wanted to get out of the house. Of course as soon as we got in JoAnn's and got to the fabric section (what I needed to look at) Ansleigh started screaming. I'd give you a moment to be shocked but I know you don't need it. :o) Anyway, I rushed through and got what I needed and then it was on to Target to get Ansleigh's prescription (baby Zantac) and to show Anthony the pack-n-play I've been lusting after. Amazingly enough, Ansleigh behaved in Target but started screaming as soon as we got her in the car...go figure. We got back home and fed her and then found out we were invited to eat with friends at Texas Roadhouse.,...yum! We made it through bread and salad before Ansleigh decided to fuss. This is something we have become used to and I told Anthony it could be his turn to eat first. By the time it was my turn, I wasn't hungry anymore. Boo! Once we got home, Anthony left for a boys' night to play XBox at Andrew's bachelor pad. I fed Ansleigh and we both went straight to bed (at 8:00!!!!).

Ansleigh didn't wake up until 2:30!!!!!!!!!!! If I hadn't been deep into my sleep-induced fog, I would have done my happy dance.

Today, I got to have my turn of alone time out of the house and decided to go to Viera to A. C. Moore and Super Target! It was a nice break.

A few hours after I had been back home, Anthony explained to me how he could justify buying Rock Band (xbox game) and Dance Dance Revolution (another xbox game). I'm pretty sure DDR was just for me. I explained to him how I could justify buying the pack-n-play even though we'd been offered a free one. To my surprise and his, we got the baby, got in the car, and went and bought all three!!! We are usually pretty careful with our money and it takes a lot for us to splurge on something but we just really wanted to this time. Thank you IRS for funding out fun! All three of us got something! :o)

Now it is officially Monday (12:09) and time for the weekend to be over, not to mention time for bed.

Hope your weekend was as exciting as ours!

P.S. Happy 5th Birthday, Turner!!!!!


Kristen said...

I can totally relate to your Joanne's incident! Yesterday, I went to Target... she was sound asleep until we got in the store. You know what happened next. Later I was in a children's consignment shop and she was fine til I stopped to search through a bin of shoes. Then she decided she needed to eat RIGHT THEN. Well, one good thing about breastfeeding... it's always ready and it's always right there. Yes, me and Ellie were sitting on the floor in the middle of the shop while she ate!! Memories...