A new bed, lots of sleep, and a new computer!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Last night was kind of a big deal around here! :o)

While it is true Ansleigh screamed until 2:30 (when we traded off and it became my turn), but after that she ate and then slept for 5 HOURS (!!!!!) in her crib! Yes, that is right, her big girl baby bed! This is the first time we have ever laid Ansleigh down in her crib to sleep and it worked! She was so comfy with lots of room to spread out. We'll see how much longer the bassinet lasts (I'm kind of wanting to go buy her a pack-n-play to set up in the living room).

Thanks to the fact that last year we moved, changed jobs, bought a house, and had a baby (and used TURBO TAX to file our taxes), we got our tax refund back yesterday and I got to order a new laptop!!!!! Mine has been sick for quite a while (I need a new screen...yikes!). The most exciting part for me is that I got to pick what color it will be! Cheesy, I know. There were so many fun options but I ended up choosing expresso brown! :o) I know you are all shocked I didn't pick the pink one. It should be here in about 2 weeks (hopefully sooner than that!!!).

Well that's all for today, kids! We love you all!


Kristen said...

I think we are going to move Ellie to her room next week when my mom is visiting. I don't know, though, it's a very emotional thing for me. I'm so glad that Ansleigh is sleeping through the night for you finally. I don't know what I would have done if Ellie hadn't been such a good night sleeper.