Best Christmas Ever

Saturday, December 29, 2007

This year Christmas was very different for us. Instead of traveling to visit everyone, we stayed home. Instead of a ski trip, the regular Christmas at Nana's and Mimi's, and Christmas morning at my mom and dad's, we stayed home in Palm Bay.

While Christmas could have been a complete and total bummer this year, it actually turned out to be the best Christmas ever because we had the best present ever....Ansleigh.

My mom was here with us and we opened presents and watched Christmas movies all day. While we wish we could have stuck with our normal Christmas routine, sometimes change is a good thing and in this case, a blessing!

Ansleigh in her Christmas dress her Aunt Christina found for her and shipped here. While my mom and I were taking pictures of our precious little doll, my mom was so kind :o) to remind me how much we've always complained that she put hairbows on us that were twice the size of our heads.

In my defense, this one is only half the size of her head (not twice the size of it) and it was the only bow or headband that even remotely fit her and I think she looks beautiful!