Potty Training: Day 1

Friday, January 29, 2010

Yesterday I started the Friday Family Potty Training Boot Camp.

The plan was to start first thing in the morning but I woke up with the remains of what was likely a stomach bug so I didn't really get started until after nap time. Once she got up, I stripped her down and let her run around with just a shirt on. I set the kitchen timer every ten minutes and we'd go sit on the potty.

She pooped in the potty but then wouldn't go back in the bathroom so I moved her pink potty into the living room to ease into things.

Every ten minutes we'd sit on the potty. She held her pee for almost 3 hours!!!! She was being so stubborn. I was wondering how long she could go when I noticed she'd climbed up on the couch and tee-teed all over it. Then I found a wet spot in the carpet. I was very frustrated!

For some reason, after that, she started using her potty and we had success.

All-in-all, she tee-teed in the potty 4 times and pooped once.

She got 1 gummi for trying, 2 for tee-tee and, 3 for poop.

We're on to day 2 now....wish us luck!


Denise said...

Good luck. Overall I think it is a lot easier than we think it is. It took 3 days for MSN to be pee peed trained. She has been that way since July. Poop on the other hand is a very different story. She is so scared to poop in the potty. I've just let her go in a diaper until the last few weeks when she decided she was on a diaper strike and won't wear them anymore. Now she just cries when she needs to go poop and tries to hold her which in turn ends up making her constipated....it is awful! I never thought I would beg my child to poop in a diaper. Ansleigh will be trained in no time I think.