Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We spent our Christmas up in Alabama.

We had Christmas at GranNana's house on the 19th (in Anniston).

We had Christmas at Mimi's house on the 20th (in Weaver).

We had Christmas with Aunt Debbie, Uncle David, and Lauren in Selma on the 23rd (in Selma).

We had family Christmas with all the Friday's (Papa, Nana, Uncle Chad, Aunt Rachel, Turner, and Anna Cate) Christmas Eve (in Troy).

Santa came (to Troy) Christmas morning.

We had Christmas with the Fair's (Pop Pop, Lolli, Uncle Jon, Aunt Sissy, and Tyler) Christmas night.

We traveled a lot but enjoyed every second of it. We loved getting to spend a little time with all our families.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday too! :)