Updates Galore!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We've been....busy to say the least.

Anthony is playing church league softball, singing on praise team, singing in the choir, and, well let's face it, college football has returned.

I have been coaching a Varsity cheer squad at a brand new high school here in Palm Bay. You would not believe what all goes into (especially how much time) starting a new program from scratch. On top of that, I'm teaching a Sparks Awana group this year (every Sunday night), helping my friend teach the 3-year-old's in Sunday School every other week, plus our Mom's Group.

Ansleigh is taking gymnastics once a week (Tuesday mornings) at Tumbleweeds. She LOVES it!!! It isn't quite real gymnastics but she works on a lot of important skills using the equipment. Her favorite part is the trampoline and then the stamps she gets on her hands and feet at the end of class.

She also goes to cheerleading practice and most games with Mommy. SHE LOVES IT!!! I'm convinced that she now has 20 sisters who ADORE her. She charms everyone she meets.

Ansleigh is now 21-months-old!!! I can hardly believe it. She weighs 24 pounds and is ridiculously tall. She towers over all the kids her age. She talks ALL the time. She picks up what seems like a handful of words every day. She will eat ANYTHING, including the "hot fries" that you get out of vending machines.

As far as tv goes, she is still a tv-watching fool! She loves "Boots" (aka: Dora), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Imagination Movers, Special Agent Oso, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the Fresh Beat Band.

She dances all the time, everywhere we go. 90% of the time she is the happiest child alive. She's independent and wants to do everything on her own. She is also a little bossy but we're working on that. :)

She won't leave the house without her shoes and a bow (or 7). She loves to go places. She'll go get her shoes and her bow and come to me to put them on her and say "Bye Bye."

The past couple of days she's been picking up the phone, bringing it to me, and saying "Pop Pop...Pop Pop...pee-pease" wanting me to call her Pop Pop.

She's been practicing doing cheers and says "Go! Go!" and will circle her arm while we say "War Eagle....." and then she screams "HEY!!!" and jumps up and down.

She has very few baby-ish characteristics these days. The only things I can even think of are that she still takes two naps a day and still has her pacifier but only in her bed.

She freely gives kisses, high-fives, and pounds (the girls taught her that). She tells us that she loves us. She knows where her hair is, where her bow goes, where her eyes are, where her ears are, where her nose is, where her mouth is, and even where her teeth are. She can also show us where her toes are and where everyone's belly is.

She is such a different child than she was just a few months ago. She's so....mature I guess you could say.

I'm including a few of the not many pictures we've taken of her recently. Hope ya'll enjoy!

Sending our love and a big WAR EAGLE,
the Friday's