A Quick Update

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tuesday Ansleigh had her first visit to the Brevard Zoo! There will be a post with pictures here in about a week.

Right now, Ansleigh and I are in Anniston. We flew up to Atlanta yesterday where my parents and my sister picked us up. Last time she and I flew, it was pretty much a nightmare! This time, things were a little different. First of all, we flew out of Orlando instead of Melbourne. Security was a nightmare. There were TONS of people there and everyone was pushing and shoving. Ansleigh was upset. She wanted down to run around which was not an option. They made me collapse the stroller to put it through the scanner thing. Plus I was trying to hold her and take off her shoes and my shoes and pull out everything that needed to be taken out. Then, a security lady took Ansleigh's blanket from her because it needed to be scanned. This caused MUCH crying and screaming. Oh and then they had to test the water in her sippy cup. Dramatic. All I could think was that if that was an indication of how the flight was going to go, my future looked dim.

Once we got on the plane, things were totally different! She was AMAZING!!! Such a trooper, really. She watched Yo Gabba Gabba and played with her babies the whole flight. It really helped that a super sweet girl was sitting beside me who played with her the whole time. I was amazed at how well she did.

Other things to update you on:

Monday, Ansleigh fell and cut her top lip and tore the little flap of skin inside her mouth (upper lip). It got infected and now she's on antibiotics.

Today, she got her first haircut!!! :) I don't have any pictures at the moment but I'll post them when I get some. She cried the whole time. She wasn't really in a great mood and isn't sleeping well here since SOMEBODY (mean ol' momma) forgot her music box that she uses to go to sleep to. She looks precious now though!