Day 4

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tuesday was filled with a pancake breakfast, beach, beach, and more beach!!!!

We ran across a baby pool that was going to be thrown away so I gladly took it off their hands. We filled it up with ocean water and Bug and AC had a blast with it! After being in the ocean for just minutes, we all came out with jellyfish stings. We played ladder golf. We tanned. We played with the girls. Turner dug a hole. Chad got buried in the sand. We had a GREAT time! We even got Ansleigh walking in the sand and she grabbed a shovel and tried her best to dig in that sand.

Afterwards, we all headed up to the condo for showers and baths and then headed out for our annual trip to Flounders.

The food was amazing (as always). The girls got up on the empty stage and danced. They put on a show for the whole place! They really had a great time and we had a great time watching them.