Day 2

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 2 was spent lounging at the pool mostly. Ansleigh was stylin' and profile'n in her new Kelly's Kids swimmy that Lolli gave her. She enjoyed the pool and even showed Lolli, Pop, and Daddy her new tricks she learned at swim lessons.

Later on, after a nice long nap, we walked over to the beach and checked things out. Of course, Ansleigh was not a fan of the sand...again. She sat on the blanket with Lolli and played with her squirt toys. After a little while, Lolli took her to see the sand dunes and Daddy convinced her to walk in the sand and she did!!! She didn't really even protest.

When we got back from the beach, I made spaghetti and Mom made salad and we had dinner. Ansleigh made a mess but ate her whole plate of food. Then it was bath time. She had fun sitting in the big tub. After it was over, Pop cleaned spaghetti out of the tub :) and then it was bed time!