Time in Troy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We NEVER get to spend enough time with our families but we were fortunate enough that it worked out where we could spend some time with them.

Sunday we left Eufala and headed to Troy, Alabama to hang out with Anthony's family for a few days.

Anna Cate and Ansleigh had so much fun playing with each other! They will be eternal bff's. I can already tell. :)

We didn't really do anything fancy or special, just spent time together. We really miss hanging out with all of them so it was completely and totally amazing for us. As always, there was 4-wheeler riding, deer gravy (gross), and a crack on my scrabble skills (DON'T ASK).

Chad had to leave Monday night to head back to Pensacola for a week of work but the rest of us hung out until Tuesday afternoon. Rachel and the kids headed to Prattville to spend time with her family and we went to Anniston to spend some time we my family. It was heart breaking to leave but at the same time, we were excited to get to see the rest of the family.

Here are some pictures from our days in Troy:

AC helping Nana make biscuits

Loving on my girls :)

T--LOVE THAT KID! He is such a boy these days

Don't you wish your niece was this adorable?

The girls playing with Papa

Bugs and Papa making faces at each other

Turner and Papa riding the 4-wheeler

Chad, Papa, & Turner

Even Bugs rode her 4-wheeler :)