Sweet Sixteen

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bugs is 16 months old! I should have posted this on Tuesday but I'm a slacker.

Just last week she sprouted 3 more teeth for a grand total of 8--4 on bottom, 3 on top, and one molar on the top left.

She finally grew out of all her size 2/3 shoes and is finally getting feet closer to the appropriate size for her age.

She's growing tons of hair. It doesn't seem like it to us and then we see a picture of her from just a few months ago and it blows our minds.

Her favorite word: "No."

Her favorite phrase: "No. Stop."

Her favorite toys: her set of princess board books and her easter eggs

She's learned how to climb on some things and the best thing of all she's learned to do......she runs to you and gives you a hug. Words cannot describe how awesome it is.

Some other words she's trying to say: "yeah," "dank"--thanks, "huh"--for uh huh

She also has started taking her books and she "reads" each page, babbling all kinds of baby words before she turns the page and starts again.

She loves to dance.

She loves animals.

Favorite food: green beans

Favorite tv show: Yo Gabba Gabba and The Backyardigans

Favorite place to be: outside

She walks/runs everywhere these days and tries her best to be little miss independent.

She still has her passie but only gets it for "night night" and shows absolutely no interest in the pink potty.

It blows my mind how quickly our little bug is growing up!